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Brooks: Durant picking Dubs is the culmination of franchise’s unprecedented turnaround

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WHAT THE F?@& JUST HAPPENED? How strong is your free agent pitch game when you can get Kevin Durant to take less money than he could have gotten from Oklahoma City AND pay more in taxes? I will never doubt the Golden State Warriors again. Never.

Less than a decade ago, the Warriors couldn’t get a superstar free agent to meet with them seriously, let alone actually sign with them. Now, the franchise that was a joke is part of the “rich get richer” crowd that used to be the exclusive playground of the Lakers, Heat, Celtics and Spurs. I fully understand that the drafted talent of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green (not to mention the style of play, the fan base and the singular uniqueness of the Bay Area) had a lot to do with Kevin Durant’s earth-shattering decision, but I cannot fully comprehend the 180 degree turn this franchise has pulled off. Find me another team in the NBA that has so fully and drastically changed from awful to paradigm shifter so quickly. I’ll wait…

The list of people who had a hand in pulling off the Durant signing and the aforementioned franchise turnaround is a long one but, I will say this to Curry, Joe Lacob, Bob Myers, Mr. Jerry West and Steve Kerr – Y’all some bad dudes. And I will never doubt your collective ability do do the seemingly impossible. Never.

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