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Radnich: Don’t count on Giants to make major move at the deadline

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The Giants’ post All-Star break slump has been well documented and with Major League Baseball’s trade deadline forthcoming, many fans are anxious for the team to make some moves. But don’t count on any outside additions; any adds moving forward are going to come from within. For better or worse, Giants fans, this is going to be your team for the rest of the season. Major help is not on the way.

The Giants have Joe Panik coming back Thursday and Hunter Pence is not far behind, as he may possibly get activated this weekend. Those players immediately strengthen a lineup that has failed to produce the last few weeks. Don’t expect that big acquisition. The Giants are known for adding players like Cody Ross, Pat Burrell and Javier Lopez to add veteran presences to the lineup and bullpen. The last big splash the Giants made was acquiring Carlos Beltran from the Mets for, at the time, top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler. That was truly the last time the Giants made a big slash. Although Beltran eventually hit well, that move ultimately didn’t work out in terms of a playoff berth.

People want to think that getting a big name or a big star is going to put the Giants over the top, but that’s not the way it works. It’s not that simple. The players that are available right now come with issues, whether it’s consistency, production, injuries or price tag. The Giants aren’t going to take on a big contract, especially when they may be nervous about some of the ones they already have. Giants GM Bobby Evans alluded to some moves Thursday on KNBR, but he stopped short of saying it would be anything but to add depth to the team.

Giants fans are going to have to live with this team. There isn’t going to be a big move.

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