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Radnich: Have patience with the three newest Giants

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Giant fans get their first look at Matt Moore tomorrow morning against the Phillies, but many still aren’t over the trading of fan favorite Matt Duffy.

Fans get emotionally attached to players because of what they did for the team, especially when you do it on the biggest stage like Duffy did. He helped the Giants win the National League Pennant in 2014, something none of us will ever forget. Last season, his first full one in the majors, Duffy finished second in rookie of the year voting despite not being named the starting third baseman until later in the season.

As baseball awards go, nothing is more prestigious in the Giants family than The Willie Mac Award and Duffy was the first rookie to have that honor bestowed upon him. Giants liked what they saw from him, especially after replacing, Pablo Sandoval, but apparently never really had long term plans for him.

Nobody is going to know how all of these moves are going to work out until the end of the season. New lefty reliever Will Smith’s debut didn’t go according to plan against the Phillies and Eduardo Nunez has had his ups and downs in his short time with the Giants, but we are still dealing with a small sample size. You could only really assess the moves for Cody Ross, Javier Lopez, Carlos Beltran and Mike Leake until the end of October. As much as you want to grade a move one day after, patience is required.

Bobby Evans and Brian Sabean only concern themselves with making the team better and sometimes that is at the expense of the feelings of a few fans. The Giants have a window to win yet another championship and they are going to make moves that will make the team better right now and in the future.

Matt Moore, for instance, won’t just be a three month rental, he should be in the Giants rotation for the foreseeable future. Fans can react to a trade however they wish, but the Giants have earned the right to ask for patience after three titles.

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