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Radnich: Warriors continue to be most entertaining show in all of sports


Amidst the NFL season, Raiders playoff possibilities, MLB postseason, and the World Series right around the corner, there is only one thing I’m truly looking forward to watching all season long: Golden State Warriors basketball.

If you told me that I could only watch one team this year it would be the Warriors. That’s not just basketball, that is any team in professional sports. From Steve Kerr’s championship his first year, 73 regular season wins the following season, Stephen Curry’s back-to-back MVPs and now the biggest Bay Area free agency signing since Barry Bonds in Kevin Durant – which team comes close to that type of three year stretch?

The Warriors are trying to do the impossible: make the regular season watchable. There will be challenges. The Miami Heat ‘Big Three’ will be the first to tell you that they thought their first year together would have been a lot easier. Whenever you have the turnover that this roster has gone through there will be a learning curve. Most nights talent wins out, but a lot still needs to be figured out. Steve Kerr has the task of dealing with numerous styles of play, breaking old habits and a dealing with a bunch of new personalities and how they react to coaching and interact with their teammates. It appears that the only thing that could stop the Warriors is a personality issue.

Steve Kerr and Bob Myers have said since the championship parade two seasons ago that they will be the hunted team. They will get the best game from every opponent and that will make for great theater every night. From opening night against the Spurs, to Durant’s first game back in Oklahoma City, to the first rematch with the Cavaliers, this season could become the most exciting in Bay Area history.

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