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Barrows: 49ers rebuild will require patience from the organization


The 49ers have had a wide-ranging array of interviews since firing general manager Trent Baalke and head coach Chip Kelly on Jan. 1. With three straight offseason coaching changes, many fans are wondering if Jed York has the patience for a long rebuild.

The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows joined Ted Ramey about his belief that the 49ers rebuild will be a long process.

“I don’t think fans should think ‘We’re going to hire Josh McDaniels and Elliot Wolf and make the playoffs next year,’” Barrows said. “This is a long rebuild that we’re talking about. We’re talking about multiple important positions, quarterback chief among them, that need rebuilding. Inside linebacker is just the hinge of your defense — there’s all sorts of issues there. Pass rusher, also issues there.”

Barrows went on to state that he believes that wide receiver is the biggest 49er need outside of the quarterback position.

“To me, wide receiver is just a screaming need and has been for some time.” Barrows said. “To me, that’s a big part of why Chip Kelly failed. He just wasn’t able to run the offense. Now that offense may be flawed, it may not be good for the NFL. But it certainly did not have a fair shake.”

We will find out Jed York has the patience to oversee a long rebuild.

Listen to the full interview below.