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Ray Woodson: Warriors success has bred copycats

“Success breeds copycats,” Woodson said in reference to the Warriors’ outstanding performance the past few years. A team that struggled through losing records until 2013, the Dubs’ recent domination in the NBA has sparked major imitation from other teams like the Sacramento Kings and LA Lakers, who are in search for “the next Steph Curry.” Having won the NBA Finals in 2015 and almost seizing a consecutive championship last year, the Warriors proved that they are capable of consistent success and solidified their spot at the top of NBA standings. As they collected more W’s under their belt, competitors began examining and later copying their tactics.

Can any team come close to imitating the Warriors’ talent, style, and coaching? Woodson thinks no franchise can match the puzzle pieces that the Warriors put in place with their perfectly-aligned combination of players and abilities. These months leading up to the playoffs will test Golden State copycats’ attempts to mirror a powerful team whose success remains upward-bound.

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