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On 25th anniversary at KNBR, Mayor Ed Lee officially declares Gary Radnich Day

A special guest visited the KNBR studios Thursday morning, to honor longtime Bay Area broadcasting icon Gary Radnich, to celebrate his 25th anniversary on the KNBR airwaves. San Francisco mayor Ed Lee surprised Gary to officially declare November 2nd “Gary Radnich Day,” and presented Radnich with a proclamation from the city.

The Proclaimation reads:

WHEREAS, over the past 25 years, Gary Radnich has been entertaining millions of Bay Area sports fans with his own special and unique style of talk, as one of the most recognizable voices and faces in Bay Area sports; and

WHEREAS, born in San Jose, Gary attended both Del Mar and Brandon High Schools before playing a very poor brand of college basketball at UNLV; and

WHEREAS, Gary continues to impress his co-workers by always arriving at least two hours early for his pre-show prep meeting, and staying 45 minutes after the show to work on the following day’s guest list; and

WHEREAS, Gary continues to lavish and praise his producer, board op and co-host everyday with kind words, expensive gifts and envelopes full of cash for all the hard work they do to make Gary look good; and

WHEREAS, Gary is a regular fixture at almost every Giants home game, every 49ers game and as many Warriors and Sharks games as he can attend; and

WHEREAS, Gary enjoys his Sunday night family dinners with his wife Alicia, his kids, and his good friends, Joe in Livermore, Johnny the Gout Man and Mr. C in Heaven; and

WHEREAS, Gary spent almost three years doing Morning Drive on KNBR, until the CHP requested (due to the increasing number of early morning freeway accidents directly associated with the show), that management move him to another time part; and

WHEREAS, on a serious note, Gary is an icon in the history of San Francisco radio and KNBR would not be the successful station it is without his amazing talents and contributions over this past quarter of a century; and

WHEREAS, in the highly competitive atmosphere of broadcasting, it is a testament to Gary’s ability that he has been associated with one station for 25 years; a true professional in every sense of the word, entertaining, engaging, unique and one of the top sports talk show hosts in the country; famous for his trademark lines of “That’s Good Knowledge”, and “Nobody Cares”, now

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Edwin M. Lee, Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, in recognition of his 25 years in sports talk radio, do hereby proclaim, November 2, 2017 as…



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