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Joe Panik, two others named in potential Stanton deal [report]

Shortly after the Giants made an official trade offer for Miami Marlins slugging outfielder Giancarlo Stanton on Friday, several of the names both teams exchanged were revealed Monday morning.

Although these five names are not necessarily all the pieces it will take to finalize a potential trade, and other names could be thrown into the mix, they give a better idea of what the Giants are willing to give up for Stanton. Not to mention, the Giants will eventually have to agree upon how much of Stanton’s mega-deal, worth $285 million, they’ll take from the Marlins.

Joe Panik is one of the prized talents on the Giants roster. His Gold-Glove caliber defense, consistent hitting, and inexpensive contract, which stretches until 2021, also make him a prime trading piece for San Francisco.

Behind Christian Arroyo, Chris Shaw and Tyler Beede are the Giants’ No. 2 and 3 prospects according to, but neither broke into’s top 100 prospects list.


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