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Bobby Evans: ‘We have worked out the terms’ with Marlins on deal for Stanton

The Giants have worked out the terms of a trade with the Miami Marlins that would send 2017 National League MVP Giancarlo Stanton to San Francisco.

Now, general manager Bobby Evans and the rest of the Giants’ front office will wait on whether Stanton agrees to waive his no-trade clause.

On Wednesday morning, Evans joined Gary & Larry on KNBR and said the Giants and Marlins have agreed to terms on a potential blockbuster trade, and that the Giants met personally with Stanton and a representative of his last week to discuss Stanton’s concerns about coming to San Francisco.

“In the case of the Miami Marlins, yeah, we’ve worked out the terms,” Evans said.

After hitting 59 home runs and driving in 132 runs last season, the 28-year-old Stanton could harbor concerns about how his power would play within the cavernous confines of AT&T Park. On Wednesday, however, Evans revealed that Stanton told the Giants playing at AT&T Park was one of the most enticing factors when considering whether he would agree to a trade, as he lauded the team’s loyal fan base.

“He did tell us of course that he loves AT&T Park and one of the most attractive parts about AT&T Park is our fans and he did mention that makes AT&T Park one of his favorite places to play on the road,” Evans said.

Evans said he would not discuss the specifics of a potential trade, but he said the Giants remain optimistic they’ll be able to address their team needs after posting a 64-98 record and finishing in last place in the National League West this season.

“The specifics of the deal are not something that we feel comfortable discussing, but ultimately our hope is that if he’s able to come in here, we’ll be able to fold him in with a winning club.”

With Winter Meetings set to start on Sunday in Orlando, Florida, Major League Baseball’s free agent and trade markets will begin kicking into full gear. However, Evans told Gary & Larry that he did not plan to impose a timeline on Stanton for his decision to waive a no-trade clause, as the Giants do not believe doing so would work in their favor.

“I’ve looked at quotes about him from his agent that in the past have talked about how he processes things very deliberately,” Evans said. “I think anytime you try to rush somebody toward a decision, that can work against you.”

Evans acknowledged that Stanton could be swayed by his desire to play in his hometown of Los Angeles with the Dodgers or stay and play in Miami for a Marlins’ fan base he’s familiar and comfortable with, but he also said Stanton did not mention his interest in playing for the Dodgers during the meeting the Giants held with him last week.

Stanton is owed $295 million over the next 10 seasons, and the Giants are reportedly considering assuming $250 million or more of the remaining salary left on his deal if he agrees to waive his no-trade clause and come to San Francisco.

Full audio of Gary & Larry’s interview with Evans can be heard by listening to the podcast link below.



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