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Picture surfaces of ripped Tim Lincecum playing catch

A few months ago, no one knew where former Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum was. The San Jose Mercury News even sent a reporter to the Seattle area to track the former Cy Young Award winner down, but he was nowhere to be found. Shortly after that piece came out, a photo surfaced of Lincecum at a concert, proving that he was still very much around, but gave no indication if he was still training to make a comeback to Major League Baseball.

That may have changed Tuesday morning, when Colorado Rockies pitcher Adam Ottavino posted a photo of a ripped Lincecum playing catch on his Instagram account, with the simple caption of, “timmy.”


A post shared by Adam Ottavino (@adamottavino) on

We don’t want to draw too many conclusions based on this photo, but it doesn’t seem crazy to speculate that Lincecum is at the very least keeping himself prepared for another shot in the big leagues. Lincecum last pitched in 2016 for the Los Angeles Angels, posting a 9.16 ERA in nine starts.


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