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Draymond Green reacts to Dave Chappelle name dropping him in comedy special

The name Draymond Green is never a punch line. Green has made sure of that.

The NBA’s reigning Defensive Player of the Year is a model of toughness and physicality in the post, and for many opponents, Green is their worst nightmare.

Green has worked hard to develop and defend his reputation as one of the NBA’s most versatile players, and for that reason, no one messes with Green.

No one, that is, except for comedian Dave Chappelle.

The legendary Chappelle dropped Green’s name in his latest standup routine, calling Draymond’s name “the blackest sh*t I’ve ever heard,” and following it up by saying, “I don’t know a blacker name than that.”

Green isn’t used to hearing his name in a joking manner, but after Tuesday’s practice, he was ready for Chappelle to drop the joke. In fact, Green said that Chappelle worked to contact Green about the joke before he ended up using it.

“No it didn’t shock me because he contacted me and told me it was in there and it was coming and I actually saw it like three or four days before it came out. That piece,” Green said. “So it didn’t really shock me when it dropped. It shocked me when they first told me. Like, his team contacted my people and I was like, alright cool. That’s dope. Chappelle one of the greatest comedians of all time. I thought it was hilarious. I thought it was funny, really funny. I just named my son Draymond so I don’t really know what to think of that, I guess I just killed his resume but it was really funny, though.”

After Warriors’ practice, Green was also asked how he thought his mom handled the joke, and he thinks probably enjoyed it.

“I’m not sure, I think she laughed,” Green said. “She probably did laugh. My mom doesn’t take anything too personal. It’s nothing to take personal.”

It turns out, Green has a pre-existing relationship with Chappelle as the two have spent time together off of the court. Green said he’s had a first-hand experience understanding Chappelle’s comedy, and he’s impressed by how the comedian keeps things light.

“Pretty good relationship, we’ve spent some time together outside of the gym,” Green said. “Just one of those people that’s always funny. Not even trying to be, just a funny person. Real cool dude, I like him a lot.”

If Green takes heat on the court, he’s almost assuredly going to battle back and come out on top. Should fans expect Green to do the same off of it, and pull something on Chappelle?

“That’s a losing battle,” Green said. “He won.”


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