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Curry and Durant have named their shootaround competitions: The 30-by-35 workout

OAKLAND – Every professional athlete prepares for the high-pace environment of their individual sport in their own way. As the defending NBA champions, that in-game pressure comes routinely for the Golden State Warriors.

When asked about his preparation process, Stephen Curry shared how his unique shooting workout with Kevin Durant helps him get ready for heavy on-court competition, similar to what he faced on Saturday night against Kyrie Irving.

“I guess it was yesterday, we got a 30-by-35 workout and we try to push each other in those moments,” Curry said. “I think we made probably around 20 or so in a row together and then you feel that pressure, like don’t be the one that misses. So that prepares you for that adrenaline rush on the court. It’s not really about anybody else in those moments, just try to make shots under pressure.”

Whether it was his pre-game workouts with Durant or the heightened pressure from Irving, Curry scored a season-high 49 points against the Boston Celtics on Saturday night, along with eight three-pointers, five assists and four rebounds with only one turnover.

Durant came right behind him with 20 points on Saturday night and he had nine rebounds, a three-pointer, seven field goals, and one block.


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