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Curry spins and runs back on defense immediately after shooting, misses shot

Rob Perez said it best…oops.

Stephen Curry is certainly the best shooter of a basketball currently playing in the National Basketball Association, and there’s a mountain of evidence for his case as the best of all time.

This video is not part of that mountain.

Saturday night against the Boston Celtics the Golden State Warriors were up two points in a back-and-forth game that many think is a preview of the NBA finals. Curry took a hard dribble to his left, found space against rookie Jason Tatum and pulled up from the left wing.

The shot must have felt nice out of his hands, because by the time clanked off the rim Curry had already spun around and was heading down to the other end of the court. He may still be running. He may not know that he missed the shot. We’ll never know.

Whatever the case, it appears that Curry has been spending too much time around teammate Nick Young.


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