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Fighting cameramen cause Kevin Durant to pause interview

It was a big day out at the the Golden State Warriors practice facility Thursday morning.

Days ago the Warriors informed the media that General Manager Bob Myers would be available to talk about the NBA’s February 8 trade deadline. Steve Kerr and select players were also scheduled to hold their regular post-practice group interviews.

Then Wednesday night ESPN’s Chris Haynes dropped the bombshell that LeBron James would be willing to meet with the team this offseason Golden State could clear enough cap room to pay him a max deal.

The combination of Bob Myers’ press availability paired with the LeBron storyline had more cameras at practice than usual.

During Kevin Durant’s interview, two cameramen were jostling for position and things got a bit heated. One thought the other was cutting him off. One thought the other should move his tripod over.

“Dude I’m going as far as I can. Step over.”

“I was parked here and you’re the one who cut me.”

“I will knock you the f— out. I will knock you the f— out.”

The two squabbled for a minute before the fight reached it’s peak, and Durant was able to plow through. Second time around, not so much. Durant stopped talking about the possibility of LeBron to the Warriors and watched the fight.

Sports are fun.


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