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Kevin Looney had half a front tooth knocked out Saturday night

The Denver Nuggets have been a small thorn in the side of the Golden State Warriors as of late. They’re the only team to beat Golden State at least once in Steve Kerr’s first four years as Warriors head coach.

But for one Warrior player, Saturday’s game was particularly painful.

Late in the third quarter, Kevon Looney grabbed his own offensive board after missing a shot, went up again and got hit in the face. The broadcast team quickly realized that Looney had one of his teeth knocked out.

Officials had to pause the game for a few minutes while players and referees alike looked for Looney’s tooth on the ground. Eventually the group found the errant tooth, and Looney jogged to the bench and gave it to a member of the Warriors entourage.

Usually teams will sub immediately sub a player off the floor after an injury like that, but Looney had to stay in the game and shoot his foul shots. He did so, lips tightly closed over his mouth.



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