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Jimmy Garoppolo gets Super Bowl bonus despite Patriots loss

Jimmy Garoppolo surely would’ve liked to be playing in Sunday’s thrilling Super Bowl, but he’ll take the consolation prize that comes with watching it on TV. Because Jimmy G was a member of the New England Patriots for at least eight weeks before being traded, and because the 49ers are not in the AFC, Garoppolo will receive a $56,000 Super Bowl bonus, even though his former team lost 41-33 to the Eagles in a thriller on Sunday.

Garoppolo will receive a total of $135,000 in playoff bonuses despite playing for the 49ers for the last five weeks of the 2017 season, according to Adam Schefter.

Interestingly, Garoppolo stands to take home more money than former teammate Tom Brady, because he didn’t have to travel to the game, and therefore isn’t subject to Minnesota’s 9.85 percent state income tax, according to the MMQB.

Speaking of Garoppolo and the Super Bowl, the 49ers are getting a ton of early action from sports bettors at 20 or 25 (depending on where you look) to 1 to win the Super Bowl next season. According to the William Hill Race and Sports Book, the 49ers have been the most popular pick thus far.


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