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Details of Jimmy Garoppolo contract released [report]

All the details are finally rolling in. As of Thursday, we knew that Jimmy Garoppolo had signed the largest contract in NFL history, worth $137.5 million over five-years. It was also reported that $74 million of the contract will be guaranteed.

On Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter released the rest of the details, complete with specific breakdowns for every season through 2022. Interestingly, the 49ers have heavily front loaded the contract to take advantage of their massive amount of cap space, earmarking $42.6 million for Garoppolo in 2018, with a cap hit of $37 million, which will still leave the team approximately $76.8 million in room to sign free agents and draft picks.

Here’s the full breakdown via Schefter:


‪Signing bonus: $7 million.‬
‪Guaranteed roster bonus: $28M‬
‪Base salary: $6.2M (gtd)‬
‪Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪Year 1 total: $42.6M‬
$74.1M injury guarantee already kicked in.‬


Base salary: $17.2M, $7.5M of which is guaranteed at signing.‬
2019: Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪For 2019, will make $18.6M for a 2-year total of $61.2M – $10M more than he would have received if he had been franchised two straight times.‬


Base salary: $23.8M, $15.7M of which is guaranteed for injury. ‬
If 49ers wanted, could cut him before April 1, 2020 and he would have made $61.2M and been a free agent.‬
2020 Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬
At end of three seasons, he walks away with $86.4M.‬


$24.1M base salary‬
2021 Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬
If he makes it to NFC Championship game or is first- or second-team All Pro, then a $7.5M injury guarantee kicks in.‬


$24.2M base salary‬
‪Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪Total is $137.5M.‬


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