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Warriors react to Klay Thompson’s monster dunk vs. Spurs

OAKLAND – Here’s one you don’t see every day.

We’ll set the scene. It was early in the third quarter, the Golden State Warriors were holding on to a precarious 66 – 62 lead over the visiting San Antonio Spurs. Zaza Pachulia snagged a rebound, passed it to Stephen Curry, who whipped the ball ahead to a streaking Klay Thompson.

The skies were clear. High visibility. Good for a Klay Thompson takeoff.

“I caught the ball, and I had a good pace,” Thompson said Saturday night. “So I just went up and flushed it. And it felt very good.”

Thompson, known for his wildly accurate three-point shot, does’t usually throw it down like he did Saturday night. He only had seven on the year heading into the game against the Spurs. Draymond Green thinks that’s why the bench reacted the way it did.

“Good dunk,” Draymond said. “Klay try to lay the ball up so much so you never just expect him to go try and dunk it like that, I think that’s why you kinda got the (bench) reaction. So I thought it was a…pretty good dunk.”

Thomopson’s dunk not only fired up his teammates and what had been a surprisingly quiet crowd for a nationally televised game, but it came during a stretch in which Thompson scored 10 points in around three and a half minutes. His efforts during that time helped the team stretch a tie game to a seven-point lead, and the Warriors never looked back.

Draymond said it best. It was a…pretty good dunk.


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