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Kerr on Warriors need to start faster: ‘We do have four All-Stars in the starting lineup for God’s sake’

OAKLAND – In the grand scheme of things, the Warriors have very few major problems with the All-Star break staring them straight in the face.

They’ve (knock on wood) avoided the injury bug for the most parr. They sit in first place in the Western Conference, as well as hold the best record in the Association. Their main rivals to the East – the Cleveland Cavaliers – were scrambling at the trade deadline to build the roster they think can help them content for the NBA Championship.

But they do have a few minor ones. Steve Kerr will talk until the cows come home about how the Warriors need to cut down on the turnovers. They also have had a bad habit of starting games slowly.

And Steve Kerr seems frustrated by that fact.

Before Monday night’s game Kerr was asked about his team’s struggles with starting fast, and whether or not he thought the fact that the Warriors get their opponent’s best shots every night had anything to do with it. Kerr answered forcefully.

“It’s not about anybody else,” Kerr said. “It’s about us. It’s something that we should be able to rectify. Hopefully tonight. If not tonight, in Portland (on Wednesday). And if not then, first thing after the break.

“We do have four All-Stars in the starting lineup for God’s sake we should be able to get off to a better start.”

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