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Kerr says Parkland students speaking out on gun violence is beginning of real change

OAKLAND – Unfortunately for Steve Kerr, gun violence is a subject near and dear to his heart. It’s old news now that Kerr’s father was gunned down while he was teaching in Beirut, but that news often surfaces whenever gun violence grabs headlines in America.

The Golden State Warriors held their first practice since the All-Star break Wednesday night. During Kerr’s availability, a reporter asked Kerr what he thought of the students of Parkland, Florida speaking out against gun violence after the group was unwillingly thrust into the center of the topic.

“What those kids are doing is heroic, it’s heartfelt, and I think it’s the beginning of some change,” Kerr said. “I really believe that. I’m amazed every time I see them on TV or online. It’s heartbreaking but inspiring all at once.”

Kerr went on to compare the generation that has grown up with school shootings and mass shootings to the generation who grew up during the Vietnam War.

“Historically it’s a young generation that has to initiate change,” Kerr said. “You think about the Vietnam War. All the old white guys who kept sending all the troops over to fight this ridiculous war. It was all the young people who protested who had to make change, create change.

“So it’s the young people in the country now who will create the change that we need, in terms of how we handle gun violence and how we do our best to curb it. And it’s amazing to watch them.”


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