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Steve Kerr expected to start JaVale McGee over Zaza Pachulia [report]

After a long day of work, few things are as relaxing as kicking back and binging on some Netflix. It would appear that Steve Kerr shares that sentiment.

The Warriors returned to Oracle Arena Thursday night to host the Los Angeles Clippers in the first game back after the All-Star break. Before the game, a reporter asked Kerr if he would reveal the team’s starting lineup. Kerr refused, and instead talked about finishing Netflix’s The Crown after practice Wednesday night.

Oh, the subterfuge.

A few minutes after Kerr decided not to share the starting lineup, ESPN’s Chris Haynes reported that the Warriors would start JaVale McGee at the center spot.

Since being brought in from the Mavericks at the start of last season, Zaza Pachulia has played in 118 games for the Golden State Warriors. He has started in 118 of those game.

Thursday night will be McGee’s fifth start of the year for the Warriors. There is not indication up until this point whether this is a long-term move for the Warriors.

The Warriors have been notoriously bad to start off games this year. Our guess is this is Kerr’s way of trying to inject life into the starting lineup by adding McGee, an energizer bunny always running on full juice.


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