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Stephen Curry recounts staring down Clippers owner after hitting shot

OAKLAND – According to Stephen Curry, the Los Angeles Clippers almost have two coaches.

“He’s almost like another coach on the opposite side,” Curry said of Steve Ballmer, the Clippers owner. Ballmer was sitting courtside at Oracle Arena Thursday night, where he watched his team lose to the Golden State Warriors 132-127. “He was giving them words of encouragement and even on defense trying to distract us.”

During the second half of the contest, Curry intercepted a lazy pass from Deandre Jordan and found himself wide open on the right wing – directly in front of Ballmer. The former CEO of Microsoft took it upon himself to try to distract Curry by screaming at him.

Bad idea.

Curry stepped up and knocked down the easiest shot of his night, and as he backpedalled down the court he shot a glance at Ballmer.

“He was chiming in, trying to see if he could throw me off my game so I wanted to give him a little look,” Curry said after the game.

Take note NBA owners. Might not be the best idea to give Stephen Curry any more incentive than he already has. Or do, and Warriors fans will continue to reap the benefits.


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