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Westbrook on Pachulia falling on him: ‘Obviously it was intentional…he tried to hurt me’

OAKLAND – If it wasn’t the case already, it’s officially official. Any time the Golden State Warriors play the Oklahoma City Thunder is must-watch Television. The Warriors beat the Thunder at home Saturday behind a monster third quarter, but even after the game ended the storylines were flowing.

Late in that third quarter Russell Westbrook drove to the hoop against Nick Young, with both parties falling to the ground at the end of the play. Zaza Pachulia followed the play, and when Young and Westbrook went to the ground Zaza fell on Westbrook’s legs.

“Obviously it was intentional,” Westbrook said after the game. “So don’t ask me, ‘Was it intentional?’ Nobody touched him. He fell over my leg, tried to hurt me. You know. But hey, that’s how it go.”

After that question, a reporter asked Westbrook if he thinks Pachulia is a dirty player. His answer was brief.

“Yeah. For sure.”

It certainly isn’t a good look for Pachulia. It will be interesting to see if the league takes any action with the Warriors center, who actually played his best game of the past few months against the Thunder.


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