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Young tells story of dreaming John Travolta helped him pick Saturday’s outfit

OAKLAND – Nick Young might have had his most impactful game in a Warriors uniform Saturday night. He hit a pair of big 3-pointers in the Warriors big third-quarter run, and did a fine job defending Russell Westbrook on the other side of the floor. But his highlight of the night came after the game was over.

For the first time this year, the Warriors PR team sent Nick Young to the interview podium. Reporters asked Nick Young five questions during his group interview. His final three answers had to do with his outfit choice.

Young told a story of John Travolta coming to him in a dream to help him pick out his outfit.

“I had a dream,” Young said. “It just came to me. I was like, ‘You know what, it’s cold outside. Let me show my chest.’ And I was dancing inside my dream, so there was like a disco ball. So I was like what does that mean? What do this disco ball mean in my dream? And then John Travolta came and was like, ‘Just wear that. Wear that.’ He picked out my outfit. And you know, that’s what happened.

“Thanks John.”

No, thank you Nick.


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