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Bobby Evans explains benefit of shaking up Giants’ coaching staff

Following their disastrous 98-loss season in 2017, the Giants first order of business was to nearly completely overhaul their coaching staff aside from manager Bruce Bochy. The club “reassigned” longtime pitching coach Dave Righetti, bullpen coach Mark Gardner, and assistant hitting coaching Steve Decker. Additionally, former hitting coach Hensley Meulens was shifted over to bench coach, while former bench coach Ron Wotus moved to third base.

Most saw the changes as a message to the club that things were going to be different in 2018. General manager Bobby Evans joined Murph & Mac from Scottsdale on Thursday, and explained why the overhaul took place, and the potential benefit that comes from shaking things up.

“The nice thing for the guys is really just different voices,” Evans said. “That’s helpful when you’ve been in an organization as long as many of these guys have, to really spend your day-to-day maybe with a different way of approaching your work, or maybe a different way of approaching an at-bat or thinking about your bullpen. I think that it’s just different perspectives. I think that it’s helpful for guys.

“You see over the years minor league coaches here too cause they bring different perspectives. Now you really have new leadership that has to jell as a team and work together. At the same time we spent a lot of time this winter making sure that as we turned over a lot of minor league staff that we have a sync between what we have at the major league level and the minor league level. There’s a work in progress here but we feel good about how we’ve started and I think the players have responded well.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Evans on the coaching staff, skip to 2:20.


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