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Larry Baer announces new three-year extension between Giants, KNBR

San Francisco Giants CEO Larry Baer joined Murph & Mac live from Scottsdale this morning to announce the team has reached an agreement in principal to broadcast all games on KNBR through and including the 2021 season. The upcoming season marks the 40th anniversary of Giants baseball on KNBR 680.

“We value relationships and we value stability and we value partnerships,” Baer said. “The Giants have been partnered with KNBR now for 40 years, which is pretty amazing going back to 1978. You know what? Three more years. We have an agreement in principal through 2021. Giants baseball on KNBR, how about that?

“Just want to thank everyone at Cumulus and KNBR because everybody’s been terrific. Starting with Mary Berner, Dave Milner, Justin Wittmayer and Lee Hammer. It’s a big deal to us. It’s the power of KNBR. No station comes close to delivering the signal. Obviously through the internet people are listening, but also on car radios people driving all through the west, in the evening and during the day, telling us they’re listening to Giants baseball.”

Baer went on to talk about the importance of maintaining the stability and consistency of a partnership that has lasted four decades.

“That’s the thing, it’s habit forming. It’s not just people who have been listening for the 40 years, it’s people who are young people whose parents were listening at the dinner table or driving in the car. If it’s twenty years ago when I’m 10 years old, it’s KNBR. And if I’m 30, it’s still KNBR.”

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