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Klay Thompson doubles down on comments about running the table

OAKLAND – On February 28 when the Warriors were in Washington D.C. to play the Wizards, Klay Thompson made some comments about wanting to run the table to finish the season…a task that would include winning 24-straight games after the All-Star break.

“We’re really trying to win every game going into the playoffs. And it might be unrealistic, but it’d be nice to do that,” Thompson said that night to reporters in Washington DC. “We’re right on Houston’s heels. We got a very tight race right now. So we got to try to take the lead.”

His comments made some waves, and reporters asked Thompson about those comments again Tuesday morning ahead of the Warriors’ matchup with the Brooklyn Nets. The All-Star shooting guard didn’t back down from what he said previously.

“It doesn’t matter if we rest guys or not, with the talent we have on this roster we should be able to compete every game, and have a chance to win every game. So I meant that. I’m sure coach is going to rest guys. We try and go 82-0, which is really hard. But when I’m in a game, I’m competing. I’m trying to win. That’s what I meant.”

There’s a bit of this that’s obvious. Obviously the Warriors – and every team for that matter, want to win every game on their calendar. But part of it shows the confidence Thompson and the Warriors are playing with right now.

Before the break, the Warriors posted a 113.7 offensive rating (good for first in the NBA) and a 103.7 defensive rating (5th). After the break, the Warriors have somehow improved on both those numbers, pushing their offensive rating to 117.9 (1st) as well as posting a 100.3 defensive rating (4th).

Is running the table a possibility with this team? It would be a story that would start to dominate the NBA news cycle with games against the Spurs, Trail Blazers, Timberwolves, Thunder, Pelicans and Jazz still on the schedule.

All we know is it wouldn’t surprise Klay Thompson.

Sam Hustis covers the Warriors for KNBR. Email: Twitter: @SamHustis


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