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McCutchen still hungry after 1500 hits: ‘I want to keep going, hopefully get 1500 more’

SAN FRANCISCO – Monday night marked a big moment in Andrew McCutchen’s career in the MLB as he collected career hit number 1500. Just don’t expect McCutchen himself to admit it.

The new Giants outfielder didn’t seem to think too much of the moment. He teased the reporters waiting to talk to him after the game by asking himself the pressing question before he even got to the scrum.

“How does 1500 feel?” he asked himself loudly so all could hear. “It feels great!” he said answering his own question, laughing at himself.

McCutchen started in Pittsburgh in 2009, accruing 124 hits his rookie season. He also boasted a .286 BA and .836 OPS his first year in the Majors.

When asked how this milestone felt he simply stated it was a numbers game.

“I played long enough to do it, that’s what I always say,” McCutchen said.

McCutchen got a standing ovation in Pittsburgh last week from Pirates fans in his first appearance since getting trading to the Giants, narrowly missing achieving the milestone in the city that saw his first 1463 hits.

“It’s not a big deal because I don’t want to stop at 1500,” said McCutchen when asked about the missed opportunity. “I want to keep going, hopefully get 1500 more.”

If McCutchen keeps performing well like he has in the month of May, he might just get his wish.

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