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Bochy saw Belt’s improvement in Spring Training: ‘He’s so much more consistent now’

SAN FRANCISCO – Brandon Belt is red hot right now, and a 3-run homer on Sunday proved his offensive streak is not over.

Sunday’s game was looking bleak for the San Francisco Giants as the Colorado Rockies loaded the bases twice before the 5th inning with a 4-1 lead. Last year, this 3-run lead would have spelt the end for the Giants. However, that hasn’t been the case this season

In the next two innings, Gorkys Hernandez homered and Kelby Tomlinson tripled to tie the game. The Giant’s nail in the coffin was Belt’s 3-run dinger in the 7th, followed immediately by a solo homer run by Nick Hundley.

“You feel good when he’s up there,” Bochy said about Belt. “He’s really been swinging the bat so well and it’s been over an extended period of time.”

However, this change did happen over night. Like many Giants, Brandon Belt spent a lot of time in spring training rebuilding his swing.

“We talked about how he’s really tweaked his swing,” Bochy said. “It’s a case where you give him credit, he’s worked hard. I could see it in spring training. You really could see a difference and as the season has gone on, he’s so much more consistent now.”

Belt has hit .423/ 5 HR/ 11 RBI/ 3 BB during the home stand. Today Belt recorded his 11th home run of the season and the Giants have now homered in nine-straight games.

“This guy’s got such a ceiling on him and now we’re seeing it,” said Bochy.

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After the game, Belt seemed calm and says that he’s only made small tweaks to his swing.

“I think I’ve known my approach to work in the past,” said Belt. “At times I’d get away from it. I think I’m just sticking with in now through thick and thin.”

Belt, however, knows this streak won’t last forever and agrees with Bochy that it’s about consistency.

“I think the main thing is just the experience I’ve had over the past however many seasons has just kinda helped me get to the point where I am now,” Belt said. “I think it’s important to remember though this is a tough game and it’s a long season, so I’m trying to be as consistent as I can for as long as I can.”

The Giants rest tomorrow then go on the road to face Houston, Chicago, and Denver.

Let’s watch that home run one more time.

via the San Francisco Giants

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