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Jordan Bell runs out of Hennessy, takes a swig from fan’s bottle

Apparently, Jordan Bell really likes Hennessy. And he’s willing to go to great lengths to get it.

Unfortunately for him, he forgot to bring some to the Warriors parade on Tuesday, causing him to share his anguish prior to the start of the celebration.

Whether he had any of that “natural turn up,” Hennessy, or other intoxicating substances on board, he eventually ran out, and was shown sporting an empty bottle of Hennessy while looking around for more. And in a surprising and hilarious development, he saw a fan with some. Luckily for him, that fan was willing to share, and it was all captured for the Bay to see.

After getting sufficiently Hennyfied, Bell interviewed with Kelli Johnson of NBC Sports Bay Area, and further cemented the fine cognac as his drink of choice over traditional championship champagne.

As the makers of Hennessy like to say: Never stop, never settle.


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