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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Modern Times Avalon

Today Tom takes a taste trip down to San Diego to try Modern Times Beer’s hazy IPA Avalon.

Does the name have anyone else singing Avalon by Roxy Music? However, the song is Tom’s head should probably stay there since he has labeled himself the worst singer in not only the Bay Area, but also in California – maybe the world. Don’t beat yourself up too much Tom.

From Modern Times Beer:

The progeny of London yeast and a breathtaking plethora of juicy hops, this 7% stunner promises to be a hazy IPA of the highest order. Prepare your taste receptors for a rousing chorus of tropical wonderment that will have you singing its praises long after the final sip.

“O! got a little zing at the end there,” Tom said. “There’s something about, let me look at the paper here real quick, London Yeast”

This beer by Modern Times Beer has woken Tom up to the idea that yeast could change the flavor so much, who knew? Tom will now be carefully taking note of what yeast strains are found in his favorite beers.

“I’ve never really concerned myself with the yeast, maybe I should occasionally,” Tom said. “I concern myself with the hops and I know what hops I like.”

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