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DeMarcus Cousins really didn’t like the Warriors before he joined them

DeMarcus Cousins agreed to sign with the Warriors Monday evening, launching the idea of a super-team to another stratosphere. But before he joined the Warriors, he was not too fond them.

That became obvious when he yelled, ‘F— Golden State’ while flipping a double-bird after Sacramento’s 109-86 loss to the Warriors on Feb. 15, 2017.

Fast forward to Dec. 4 last season when the Warriors beat the Pelicans 125-115. As Golden State led by 10 with about a minute remaining in the fourth quarter, Durant and Cousins got in each other’s faces and were later ejected. Durant led the NBA with five ejections last year, and Cousins had two in 48 games played.

Cousins later passed Durant as he was giving a postgame interview and stared down the Warriors forward.


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Cousins may have known something we did not, though, when he jokingly called himself the “third splash brother” back in 2014 with USA Basketball.

That is now coming to fruition, with Cousins apparently ecstatic to join the back-to-back NBA champions.


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