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Mychal Thompson talks Cousins with Tolbert & Lund, Rocco crashes interview

Some call me lazy I call it #LivinLikeRocco

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The NBA season has been over for a month now, but the Association has been creating headlines all offseason with some of the game’s biggest players changing scenery.

The most impactful, of course, was LeBron James taking his talents to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. That move was quickly undercut when DeMarcus Cousins signed a one year deal to join the Warriors, effectively ruining the sport of basketball (if the critics are to be believed).

Mychal Thompson, the father of Warriors guard Klay Thompson and color commentator for the Lakers radio broadcast, joined Tolbert & Lund to talk about both of these teams. He said he believes DeMarcus Cousins will be the same player he was before the All-Star tore his ACL

“Obviously he’s not going to be ready for October, November,” Thompson said. “But the second half of the season when he comes back, and he will, I think he’s going to be DeMarcus Cousins when he comes back. Because he plays below the rim.

“He’s not a high-flyer like Deandre Jordan or JaVale McGee, so he doesn’t rely on athleticism above the rim. His talent is all basketball skills. Making jump shots. Rolling to the basket left and right inside with his bulky, physical moves. He’s going to be able to do all that when he comes back.

“And when you put him in the low block he’s going to enjoy nothing but single coverage because you can not double and leave Steph, Klay or KD open.”

At this point during the interview, you can start to hear a dog barking in the background. At first the barks come in sporadically, but then the start to happen more frequently.

“I’m not sure your dog feels like the interview is going very well,” Tolbert said when Thompson finished talking.

“You know who that is don’t you? That’s Rocco,” Thompson responded.

If you’re not familiar, Rocco is Klay’s dog, and lives a Rocc-star life that you can follow on Instagram at @rocco.thompson. Mychal went on to explain that Klay is in town visiting, and left his dog at home with his old man when he went golfing with his brothers.

“Rocco’s an easy dog man,” Thompson said. “He just sits on the couch and sleeps all day.”

Rocco, you’re welcome on our airwaves whenever you want.

You can listen to Mychal Thompson’s full interview below. For Rocco’s cameo, skip to the seven-minute mark.


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