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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Buzzed Light Beer Alvarado Street Brewing

Happy National Lager Day! Well that’s actually on December 10th, but if Tom dubbed today National Lager Day, we’re going to go with that.

So happy Second National Lager Day, because one just wasn’t enough. Today we’re going to be paying respects by enjoying Alvarado Street Brewing’s classic styled lager, Buzzed Light Beer.

From Alvarado Street Brewing:

A refreshing lager brewed in the Helles tradition, with a bready malt character and crisp effervescence for drinkability.

This classic German style lager — no not the guys who chop down trees or try to stay on top of a rolling log — weighs in at a light 4.5% ABV making it an easy-going beer.

“It’s Alvarado Street so I’m sure it’s pretty damn good,” Tom said before taking his first sip. “Oh, and I was pretty damn right.”

Also in case you didn’t notice Tom went deep into his closet this week in an attempt to up his T-shirt game. His sweet wrestling shirt actually features him and an old teammate who has played with him both in college and the NBA. Can guess who it is?

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