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Twitter reacts to Chairgate between Melancon and Piscotty

OAKLAND – In the bottom of the ninth inning of the Battle of the Bay Series, Hunter Pence hit a game-tying double against the A’s in controversial fashion. What was at the center of this controversy you ask? A chair.

As with all controversial baseball plays, Twitter was quick to conduct a thorough, impartial and serious investigation. We have rounded up the best of Twitter’s top-notch sleuthing below. While some might call these memes, to others, these are pure examples of by-the-book detective work.

First, we have a throwback to Mark Melancon’s appearance/preparation for Saturday’s game in a chair-throwing competition on the Steve Wilkos Show:

Next, an accredited lip-reader broke down what Melancon said to Piscotty at the moment of contact between Piscotty’s body and the chair:

A high-resolution gif of Melancon’s chair-wielding power:

Word. Play.

There’s no such thing as too much wordplay.

Melancon’s true identity as a WWE superstar is finally being revealed:

Prime-time game analysis:

Know your history folks.

The people need answers, chair. Stop hiding the truth:

That’s just good form:

Finally, we have the true inspiration for Melancon’s relationship with the chair:


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