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Tolbert’s Beer Review: Wet Hot Zesty Summer Barebottle Brew Co.

If you didn’t guess it yet, the former teammate on Tom’s shirt from last week was Jud Buechler who played with Tolbert both at Arizona and in Oakland.

Although that goofy wrestling shirt that Tom rocked last week is a gem, it’s only surpassed by another relic of his closet. Today Tom is sporting a shirt from a charity event in which Giants play-by-play announcer Mike Krukow threw Tolbert BP while his former co-host Ralph Barbieri was putting down the squat. Tom recalls not clearing the fence but blames it on a scorching 104 degree day at the ballpark, the perfect weather for an ice cold beer.

From Barebottle Brewing Company:

Our take on the classic beach-drinking lager+lime combo, brewed with crisp malts, clean Czech Budejovice yeast, and lagered on 300+ lbs of lime zest for a refreshing twist. The perfect accessory for grilling, chilling, camping, exploring, and yes, finding your beach

This summer themed lager is made from clear glacial Hetch Hetchy water and a kiss of lime, Tom informed us while making a kissy face.

“I’m going to tell you something, if you don’t like limes you’re probably not going to like this,” Tolbert said.

Though Tom is normally an IPA guy this r-r-r-refreshing beer has him in a summer mood and we highly suspect there’s golf and barbecue in Tom’s near future – then again, when is there not?

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