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Bochy on Hundley ejection: ‘I don’t get it’

© Gary A. Vasquez | USA Today

Giants manager Bruce Bochy has been around long enough to see his fair share of spats between the Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers. It’s a rivalry that promises tension and often affects playoff standings late in the season.

But no matter how many times you see tensions flare between rivals, not everything makes sense.

When Nick Hundley and Yasiel Puig got into a benches-clearing scuffle tonight, both players were ejected. Puig initiated the contact by shoving Hundley twice before chasing after him and landing a blow to his face.

Both players had to be restrained by teammates and coaches. Despite Bochy’s pleas to the umpires, Hundley was forced to leave the game. It required Bochy to put a recently-activated Brandon Belt at first base and move Buster Posey to catcher. After the game, Bochy made no mistake about his feelings on the decision.

According to Fabian Ardaya, home-plate umpire and crew chief Eric Cooper responded with almost identical statements on why Puig and Hundley were ejected.

According to Pedro Moura, Puig responded after the game saying that both he and Hundley deserved the same treatment.

Hundley declined to say what he said to Puig, according to Alex Pavlovic.


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