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Bochy remembers 2010 title-winning team after tense win: ‘Torture was back’

Saturday was a day for deja vu. The Giants started the day by honoring members of the 2010 World Series-winning team and kicked the game off with a four-run first inning for the second straight day. But much like the 2010 team which eked out myriad close wins, the Giants held on for dear life to beat the Texas Rangers 5-3.

Manager Bruce Bochy was asked about the “fitting ending” to the game after honoring the 2010 team earlier in the day. He acknowledged the similarities between the team and the loss the Giants took to the Rangers in a similar game the night prior.

“It’s really incredible how similar the two games were, but we found a way to get the last out today,” Bochy said. “But it was good to see those guys, first of all, from the 2010 team. Great memories and it was good to visit with them, had a little fun there. But you’re right, torture was back.”

The Giants have been caught playing a number of close games this season, something Bochy said he was well aware of.

“It’s really unbelievable,” Bochy said. “No matter what the score is, we seem to make it close. Those are the type of games we play. It seems like that’s who we are. You get used to it. It doesn’t mean you have to like it. I’d love to sit and relax in the ninth with a nice lead, but that’s not our way.”

Despite the tense win, Bochy saw a seven-inning shutout performance from Andy Suarez, who failed to complete three innings in his last outing against the Cincinnati Reds August 19.

“A great bounce back for him after that tough start there in Cincinnati and that’s what we wanted,” Bochy said. “He’s had some hiccups, but overall, he’s pitched some really good games.”

Bochy nearly had Buster Posey pinch-hit in the bottom of the eighth inning in what would have been a bases-loaded, two-out situation. He said the Rangers signaled to intentionally walk Steven Duggar with runners on second and third to load the bases, but changed their mind.

“I saw them put Duggar on, at least it looked like it, but the umpire wasn’t looking at the time,” Bochy said. “I could see he wasn’t looking. I think they changed their mind once they saw Buster on deck. It would have been nice to see him up there though, in that situation, before he leaves us.”

Bochy said he wasn’t too concerned about getting Posey an at-bat.

“Once we had the 5-0 lead, I was hoping we wouldn’t have to send him up there to be honest,” Bochy said. “No, I didn’t think it was important that he pinch-hit today, just to be honest about it. He’s leaving tomorrow and we’re hoping all goes well.”

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