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Bochy says Duggar could be out for the season

SAN FRANCISCO — Steven Duggar went on the disabled list Wednesday after showing up to the ballpark sore. Duggar popped his left shoulder out of joint and back in after sliding awkwardly into second Tuesday against the Arizona D-Backs. The blow is yet another chapter in a serious of unfortunate injuries for Giants players in 2018.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy reflected on Duggar’s injury prior to Wednesday’s game.

“He’s pretty sore with the left shoulder so we’re going to place him on the disabled list,” Bochy said. “He did have an MRI, we’re waiting for the docs to look at it and we’ll have a little bit more then once we get some more information. He’s definitely going on the disabled list.”

When asked whether the injury could keep Duggar out for the rest of the 2018 season, Bochy did not rule the possibility out.

“Possibly,” Bochy said. “You don’t know that, but I like to be a bit hopeful here that it doesn’t. But he showed up really sore today, so obviously there’s some concern about that with the time left in the season.”

The Giants brought up Gregor Blanco from Triple-A Sacramento to replace Duggar on the major league roster. Bochy outlined why the Giants opted to bring up Blanco instead of outfield prospect Chris Shaw, who is currently leading the River Cats in home runs and runs batted in.

“Sure, it’s nice to have another center fielder,” Bochy said. “Now, could Slater go out there? Yeah. But I mean, Gregor’s a true center fielder. And as far as Shaw, the time could get limited here as far as him getting his three, four at-bats because Slater’s been getting a lot of playing time out there in left field. Which, hopefully that continues, and continue his progress. But we think the need right now is another center fielder.”

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