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John Lynch says he laughed at headline involving Jimmy Garoppolo and adult film star

© Stan Szeto | 2017 Oct 31

Jimmy Garoppolo had an interesting summer.

In August, the 49ers quarterback turned heads, when he was spotted by TMZ out on a date with adult film star Kiara Mia. Though harmless, the story blew up, largely because it seemed at odds with Garoppolo’s squeaky clean persona.

On Thursday, John Lynch joined Tolbert & Lund and spoke about the story for the first time, laughing when recounting a headline his father sent him.

“I would tell you by the time we had an opportunity to talk I think he had already figured it out,” Lynch said. “Jimmy’s a good kid, he really is.

“I thought it was humorous and I shouldn’t laugh cause I’ll get in trouble but I was looking at the paper, my dad sent it to me or something, and it said “Garoppolo calls date with adult film actress ‘a great learning experience,” Lynch said before erupting with laughter.

Garoppolo did in fact say that when asked about the date during a press conference shortly after.

“Life is different now,” Garoppolo said. “My life off the field, I have never really been big on being public with things, even social media, I am not out there a ton. My life is looked at differently. I am under a microscope. Like Kyle said, it is a good learning experience, just have to take it in stride. I mean, it is what it is.”

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Lynch on Garoppolo, start from 13:56.


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