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49ers photographer refuses to take group picture for Cardinals

If you keep your eyes peeled at a 49ers game it’s not hard to spot Terrell Lloyd prowling the field with his camera–walking between the players as they warm up or staking out the sidelines during the game. As one of the team’s official photographers, you’ve probably seen his work at some point or another.

Unfortunately for Cardinals fans, they will not get the same chance to see him work his magic on their team.

At some point during this past Sunday’s 49ers – Cardinals game All-Pro corner Patrick Peterson made a play and found Lloyd in the back of the end zone. He set up for a group photo and his teammates obliged, running over to strike a pose behind their cornerback.

But none of that mattered to Lloyd, who sat and refused to take the shot. When Budda Baker pointed at the photographer to get his attention, Lloyd just shook his head.

Defensive end Chandler Jones took it one step further. After laying down on the ground for the shot, he got up and tried to grab one of Lloyd’s cameras – presumably to take the shot himself. He didn’t get far as Lloyd played a bit of defense himself, Jones from picking up his equipment.

Faithful then, faithful now. With a reaction time like that, Lloyd might mess around and find himself on the team.


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