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Warriors say Steph now a ‘rim protector’ after third-quarter block

OAKLAND – Stephen Curry; he’s an elite shooter, dribbler, passer, and now, shot blocker. Maybe Curry’s not exactly Anthony Davis at the rim, but tonight, he sent back a shot from the Grizzlies’ Wayne Selden Jr. tonight that had his teammates raving, albeit jokingly, about Curry’s shot-blocking ability.

Kevin Durant, who actually does have fantastic shot-blocking ability, said Curry might have to be recognized for his presence at the rim now.

“That was an amazing block,” Durant said. “Great momentum play. Feels like Steph always makes those momentum plays, but it’s usually on the offensive side of the ball. But the block is – we’ll have to start calling him a rim protector now.”

Steve Kerr, on the other hand, was a little disappointed. He thought Curry should’ve given Selden the Dikembe Mutombo treatment.

“That was impressive,” Kerr said. “I was hoping for the Mutombo finger wag and didn’t quite get it.”

Curry himself was a little more reserved about his display, crediting the defensive value of the play.

“It’s important,” Curry said. ” I didn’t shoot the ball well, so I just try to stay engaged, obviously have fun on both ends of the floor, making timely plays, but there was so much energy in the third quarter for us collectively.”

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