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Kevin Durant says he hasn’t spoken to Draymond since Monday’s verbal altercation

OAKLAND – Things might not be alright in paradise. Kevin Durant addressed the media on Draymond Green’s suspension which came after an altercation he and Green had in the Warriors’ overtime loss to the Los Angeles Clippers last night. Without Green and an injured Stephen Curry, the Warriors stumbled to a 110-103 win over the Atlanta Hawks (3-11).

While Durant did not want to share details on the interaction he and Green had, he was clearly displeased. When asked whether he and Green had “hashed it out,” he was blunt.

“Nah,” Durant said. When asked whether the situation will be resolved, he was optimistic, albeit with a still displeased tone. “I’m sure it will, there’s a long season ahead.”

Durant refused to divulge what Green said.

“I’m going to keep that in house,” Durant said. “That’s what we do here. Obviously, you guys have a job to do, but I’m not trying to give nobody no headlines. What happened happened. I’m trying to move on, I’m just trying to play basketball.”

Still, he didn’t appear too bothered by Green’s absence when asked what he thought about the suspension.

“I was just focused on the game,” Durant said. “I didn’t really care either way. I was just focused on trying to come out here and finish this back-to-back off.”

The altercation, at least in Durant’s view, is just part of the nature of the NBA. He admitted that his absence was “weird.”

“His presence has been a part of this for awhile, even before I got here,” Durant said. “He’s been a huge staple in this organization. Obviously, it’s definitely going to be weird not having him around with everything that went down, but that’s what happens. Shit happens in the NBA. You know, I just try to do my best and move on and be a basketball player. I don’t have nothing else to do but to be the best player I can be. I don’t try to worry about nothing else.”

At a certain point, the questions about Green started to frustrate Durant. He was asked about whether their friendship started before Durant came to the Warriors.

“I don’t even think that really matters at this point right now,” Durant said. “I mean, we just had a game, anybody want to talk about the game?”

“Talk about the game,” a reporter responded.

“Ask a question about the game,” Durant said.

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