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Kerr addresses target return date for DeMarcus Cousins

OAKLAND – We have confirmation from the man in charge. It was reported before tonight’s game that DeMarcus Cousins was targeting a return in Los Angeles against either the Clippers on the 18th or the Lakers on the 21st. Kerr elaborated on why the Warriors are targeting that date and what’s changed for Cousins in recent days.

“I think it’ll happen around that time,” Kerr said. “It’s not as simple as that’s the game. It’s somewhere in that neighborhood now that we’re getting closer. I think I told you guys yesterday he’s made some big strides the last week or two conditioning-wise, so if Rick tells us that he’s ready to go, it could be that game, it could be the New Orleans game a couple days earlier, maybe it’s game after that, but that’s definitely the range.”

Did you guys start formulating that timeline in the last couple days?

“Yeah, I would say the last two scrimmages he’s had, it’s looked to us and it’s felt to him that he’s broken through a barrier and we were waiting for that barrier. So now that he’s through that barrier and assuming everything goes well the next week or two, that’s sort of the idea, to get him in some time that week.”

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