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Mike Krukow explains how Jeff Samardzija is ‘X factor’ in potential Bumgarner deal

On Tuesday, Giants broadcaster Mike Krukow joined Murph and Mac to talk about the Orange & Black’s offseason so far and potential moves for the future.

When asked about trade talks between the Giants and Milwaukee Brewers for Madison Bumgarner, as reported by Jon Morosi, Krukow had an interesting take on a possible factor for this deal going down.

“The X factor here is (Jeff) Samardzija,” Krukow said. “If Samardzija is progressing nicely in his rehab and he’s throwing the ball well right now, that’s a significant thing. Because if he’s going to be a significant part of the rotation and he’s going to be healthy, I don’t think it makes sense to get rid of Bumgarner.”

However, if The Shark is showing signs of shoulder fatigue and possible injury, Krukow says that a Bumgarner trade is not out of the question.

“Now if he’s looking like his shoulder is hot again, and it’s not progressing and they have to shut him down, well then that’s a whole different deal. If you’re losing a guy that represents 200 innings to you, then all of a sudden you start thinking, ‘maybe it’s time to start moving other parts’… The evaluation of one player may affect the evaluation of another in what you do with him.”

Apart from last year, where he was shut down with shoulder troubles, Samardzija has been a horse for the Giants in his time in San Francisco. In 2016 and 2017, he pitched 203.1 and 207.2 innings respectively, the latter being good for 3rd in the Major League.

“You think about it and you say, okay, wait a second,” Krukow said regarding dealing Bumgarner. “What are you bringing in?… What type of outfielders do the Brewers have? Is it something that can make this club stronger? I just don’t see it.”

That being said, he wouldn’t be shocked by any move the Giants make this offseason.

“I can justify every move that they make right now. I really can, because of the limbo that this organization is in because of the last two years and how they’ve done in the win/loss column, which has not been very good.”

A takeaway for Giants fans? Expect the unexpected.

Listen to the full interview below. To hear Krukow on Samardzija start from 5:22.


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