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Warriors players think Curry will ‘obviously’ finish atop all-time 3-point list

OAKLAND – Tonight, Stephen Curry moved up to third all-time on the NBA’s 3-point shooting list behind two NBA icons that he looked up to: Reggie Miller (2nd) and Ray Allen (1st). Klay Thompson said he expected Curry to pass Allen and said he hoped to be right behind Curry at the top of the list.

Here’s what Curry, who said he’d try and get Miller and Allen to sign tonight’s game ball, said about moving into the top three:

Thompson was typically hilarious and honest in his answer about Curry’s talent and work ethic, saying, “Steph will obviously be at the top of that list when it’s all said and done.”

For that same reason, Kevin Durant said he was relatively unimpressed with Curry’s achievement. When the first spot is near certain to be Curry’s, Durant said he and the Warriors are holding out their excitement for when Curry ultimately reaches that first place milestone.

“It’s definitely cool,” Durant said. “But we all know he’s going to break the record, so him being in the third spot is like (shrugs). For him, he’s set such a high standard, it’s a high bar. It is cool, but I mean, you have got what, another season or two before you get to the number one spot, before you shatter that record, so I’m waiting for that.”


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