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Cousins: ‘Fakest love I’ve probably ever received’

LOS ANGELES – Some people might read that headline above and attribute it to “Classic DeMarcus,” giving notoriously interesting and sometimes hilarious interviews… and being a little blunt for some people’s taste. Sometimes.

But as a star NBA player with a reputation that pegs him as temperamental, and having joined the best team in the league this offseason, Cousins knew he set himself up as a target for criticism. Much of that criticism comes from a place of disdain for the Warriors, but that disdain was directed at Cousins, and he was well aware of it.

After his debut with the Warriors tonight, Cousins said it was, “Probably the fakest love I’ve received in my life,” regarding the outlandish attention and positivity he received tonight. He said he wasn’t sure how Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant deal with that outlandish attention on a daily basis, and said he hoped it would only be like this for a day (Warriors PR man Raymond Ridder confirmed to him that his hopes were as outlandish as the attention he’s received).

“Hopefully this is the last day of this,” Cousins said.

Ridder retorted, “It won’t be.”

But Cousins also made it clear that he heard the criticism that was levied upon him, and it was not something so easily brushed off. “It’s sick to think about. You get this much hate from a simple game, putting a round ball through a hoop,” Cousins said.

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