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Durant responds to being LeBron’s first All-Star pick for second-straight year

Following the Warriors’ 117-107 win over the Phoenix Suns, the tense air between Kevin Durant and reporters appeared to have dissipated, at least a bit, as Durant’s postgame routine returned to normal.

Among the questions for Durant, who will be making his 10th-consecutive All-Star appearance in Charlotte, North Carolina two weekends from now, was his reaction to LeBron James’ drafting him first overall for the second-straight year. While last year’s draft results (the first-ever All-Star game draft) between James and Stephen Curry were not televised, James finally admitted this year that to TNT’s Ernie Johnson that he did, in fact, draft Durant first last year as well.

Durant was evidently stoked about the team James had selected, taking a friendly shot at Giannis Antetokounmpo, who said he made a point to draft largely foreign All-Stars, being that he came to the NBA as a teenager from Greece. However, the shot wasn’t too serious, as he also assumed that Antetokounmpo would remain captain of the East All-Stars next year.

“Giannis is not from here, so I understand,” Durant said. “Next year, he’ll be better picking his team.”

When asked whether he thought Team LeBron would be favorites, Durant affirmed.

“I mean, look you got on the team,” Durant said.

On being picked first by James, Durant said, “What else he supposed to do?”

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