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Steve Kerr defends Kevin Durant’s heated exchange with media

Two nights ago, Kevin Durant blew up at the media. There’s no sugarcoating that. Durant was upset with the way he was being talked about regarding his free agency, and the potential that he’d move to the New York Knicks this summer, and took it out on reporters, specifically, Ethan Strauss ofThe Athletic.

Today, head coach Steve Kerr said Durant was, “blowing off some steam.”

“We know Kevin very well. He’s been here three years. I think you guys would agree he’s been really good with the media, with you guys. A great teammate. We all have moments of frustration, times in our life when we maybe don’t feel like talking. Maybe we’re frustrated about something. I think you just give him a pass. As I mentioned, he’s been so good for several years taking care of all of his responsibilities on and off the floor. We’re all human. We all get a little frustrated, so we move on.”

Kerr said the focus towards NBA trades and off court issues a recent trend.

“This is the modern NBA,” Kerr said. “There’s so much interest in things that go way beyond the basketball court. It used to be you pretty much just had to talk about basketball.”

Kerr also joked about the nature of gossip in the NBA.

‘We’re all actors in a soap opera, we really are,” Kerr said. “We have to deal with that part of it and also understand that that’s a big part of the revenue stream; the intense passion and interest that fans have for who’s going where, what team’s doing what. It would be nice if everyone could just pay attention to pick-and-roll coverage, but the gossip is more interesting sometimes and we’re all part of that.”

Following that, a reporter jokingly asked: “How is the pick-and-roll coverage these days?”

“The pick-and-roll coverage has been good lately, so we’re very pleased with that,” Kerr said. “Thank you for asking.”

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