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Dyson, Melancon, and Suarez talk Bryce Harper and more at Giants FanFest

On Saturday at Giants FanFest, pitchers Sam Dyson, Andrew Suarez, and Mark Melancon came on to talk with Marty Lurie and Adam Copeland about everything from getting ready to come into a game, to potentially signing Bryce Harper.

Giants reliever and former teammate of Harper’s, Mark Melancon, offered his thoughts on signing the young star.

“His numbers are off the charts; I mean, I think they’re better than Bonds’ at this point, so he’d be a great addition to the locker room,” Melancon said. “He’s a great clubhouse guy, and is not a distraction to the locker room, so I excited for whatever happens.”

One of the main challenges for many pitchers playing at Oracle Park over the years, especially for relievers, has been getting ready to come into the ballgame during the Bay’s famously cold summers. Giants reliever Sam Dyson remarked on those challenges.

“Its a lot harder to get warm here,” Dyson said. “After playing a couple of years in Miami, it’s definitely a challenge. You need a lot more time in preparation here, but as a Giant it’s great because you get used to it, and other teams have to deal with the conditions.”

Dyson also gave his thoughts on the new trend of teams using “openers” to start games.

If someone is really good at opening, but a lineup doesn’t change and it’s the same guy out there four times in a row, he’s going to get burned out,” Dyson said. “I’m excited about it, though it’s got to be frustrating as a starter. It’s a different adrenaline. The starter has to be a guy thats used to throwing five or six innings out of the ‘pen.”

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